4 Reasons to Refurbish Your Leather Office Chairs

Leather office chairs are probably the most frequently used items of furniture in any office or home working space. They are where most of your work takes place and are used for many hours at a time. Over time, this can lead to the leather upholstery wearing out, fading, and often tearing. This can lead to lower levels of comfort, as well as causing your environment to appear a little run down. But thanks to refurbishing services, your office chairs can get a new lease of life without needing to be replaced.

Professional Appearance
Neat furniture that is in a good state of repair is vital for keeping any office space looking professional and presentable. Replacing the cushion and leather material of your office chairs can leave them looking brand new, without the need to replace a chair with a perfectly good structural framework. When your chairs and other office furniture reflects the great quality of the work you do, you can rest assured that when your clients and customers visit your space, it will give a great first impression.

Reduces Waste
With more and more companies moving to new office spaces, or reducing the size of their workspaces, many good quality office chairs are ending up in landfill. If more workplaces opt for getting their existing chairs refurbished instead of buying new ones, or even purchasing pre-loved pieces, it will reduce the demand for new ones, and stop perfectly good pieces being dumped needlessly.

When refurbishing your office chairs, you may want to choose the same materials and colours and textures as before. But if you want to revamp the appearance of your space to reflect your brand more closely, or as part of a whole rebrand, you might want to choose a different style, or colour. Leather materials come in a variety of finishes and colours, meaning you can enjoy the experience of a whole new chair.

Cost Effective
Replacing your office chairs can be very costly, especially if you are looking for quality pieces that will last a long time. If your chairs are looking worn out, but the overall structure is still working perfectly, there’s no need to dump the whole thing. While professional refurbishment of leather chairs carry an initial cost, over the long term, you will save yourself the cost of having to replace whole chairs, as refurbishment means the life of your current chair can be extended, while still having it look brand new!

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